Esquire Magazine: Satellite TV Master

By Randall Rothenberg

Once upon a time in the 1970’s, Kenny Schaffer was a rock n’ roll publicist, shepherding luminaries such as Alice Cooper through America’s concert halls.

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People Magazine: Rock Wizard

Rock ‘n’ Roll Wizard Kenny Schaffer Now Gets His Kicks Turning America onto Soviet TV

 By David H. Van Biema

 Kenny Schaffer talked to his first Soviet satellite in 1957. Or, rather, it talked to him. The satellite was Sputnik, and what it seemed to be saying to America’s politicians and educators was, “Beware!” But to 10-year-old Kenny, casting through the skies with his new $30 AR3 Heathkit ham radio set, Sputnik’s message was distinctly more benign. “It went dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit,” he says, “which was Morse code for ‘Hi!”


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Advertising Age: World TV

International TV Could be Big On Campus


Ronald Reagan has deftly proved that anyone with ambition, drive and health doesn’t have to waste time worrying about age.

Yet counterbalancing that encouraging note comes a sign that I clearly was born too soon.

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Washington Post: Sonic Boom

Live, From Moscow! Columbia U. Tunes In to Soviet TV Broadcasts

By Dody Tsiantar

NEW YORK – Moscow has come to the Hudson. On a recent afternoon, Mark Greenfield, a doctoral student at Columbia University’s Russian institute, sat before a control panel and a television monitor. He pushed a few buttons, turned a few dials, and precisely at 5 o’clock, the Kremlin towers appeared on the screen.

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The New York Times: Columbia Spies

Columbia Tunes In Soviet Television

Residents of Siberia and students at Columbia University’s Russian institute have something new in common: They watch the same television programs. The institute says it is the first time that a university – or any non-governmental group – has successfully monitored directly internal telecasts of the Soviet Union. To do it, the school had an electronics exper put together a video monitor that scans transmissions from Soviet TV satellites.

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Journal of Commerce: Satellite Telephones

Satellite Phones Let Firms Drill Into Soviet Oil Mart


NEW YORK – Ken Schaffer has solved the gnawing question of how to conduct reliable daily business communications for Houston oil companies trying to reach their partners in the heart of the Siberian Oil fields.

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