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What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

 PDF file of original article in the SETI League Journal:

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The New York Times: I Want My MTV

Moscow TV!


KEN SCHAFFER doesn’t like blind spots. Never has.

Mr. Schaffer received a Heathkit radio for his 10th birthday. Inspired by the signals from satellites chirping from space, he soon became a world-class ham-radio operator, adept at Morse code.


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People Magazine: Rock Wizard

Rock ‘n’ Roll Wizard Kenny Schaffer Now Gets His Kicks Turning America onto Soviet TV

 By David H. Van Biema

 Kenny Schaffer talked to his first Soviet satellite in 1957. Or, rather, it talked to him. The satellite was Sputnik, and what it seemed to be saying to America’s politicians and educators was, “Beware!” But to 10-year-old Kenny, casting through the skies with his new $30 AR3 Heathkit ham radio set, Sputnik’s message was distinctly more benign. “It went dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit,” he says, “which was Morse code for ‘Hi!”


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Wired Magazine: Remote Controller

By Frank Rose

Greetings from the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Bling. Ken Schaffer is watching Russian TV in his New York apartment, and the ads keep coming. Maybelline Liquid Diamonds magenta lipstick! Tom Hanks in Hollywood’s latest! Then it’s back to the show, a crime dramedy starring Schaffer’s ex-wife, Alla Kliouka (known to HBO viewers as Tony Soprano’s one-legged mistress). But how is Schaffer getting Moscow television in Manhattan? Through TV2Me, his new remote receiving system.

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The New Yorker: Opening Windows

ADEQUATELY describing Kenny Schaffer requires lots of punctuation.

He is a radio-hobbyist and engineer, an inventor, publicist, and entrepreneur. He is also a rock-star manager and Sovietologist.

Officially, he is a vice-president of Belka International, a small consulting company that he founded, with two friends, in 1986. The company was named after a dog that rode into outer space aboard a Soviet rocket in 1960, and its activities are hard to categorize.

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WTFK: Kenny Schaffer Breaks Radio Silence!

I first met Kenny Schaffer in 1968, when he was the publicist for Alice Cooper and the Left Banke. My friend Allan Rinde had just joined the staff of Cashbox magazine and rented a room in Kenny’s “Funky” penthouse apartment, which adjoined the Plaza Hotel in New York.

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PBS: Ken Schaffer’s TV2Me Will Change Television Forever

How Ken Schaffer’s TV2Me (or Something Like It, But Cheaper) Will Change Television Forever

By Robert X. Cringely

Ken Schaffer is an inventor and a lot more. In the late 1960s, he was a publicist for rock stars, managing the public image of Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, and even choosing Alice Cooper’s name.

TV2Me - Any TV, Any Time, Any Place

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