International Herald Tribune: Upstart Goes Up Against an Established Product and Holds Its Own

For the New York Times/International Herald Tribune 

WHILE Ken Schaffer has been engaged with TV2Me, Satoru Maeda has spent the last six years leading a Sony project called LocationFree TV, offering another approach to unshackling the TV from its living-room habitat.


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Electrical Engineering Times: New Technology TV2Me® Enables Live Worldwide Video Roaming


New York City based K2B Inc. announced the launch of TV2Me(TM) which is the first breakthrough product to reliably allow cable and satellite television subscribers to space-shift their entire range of subscribed channels to anywhere they travel, without sacrificing quality.

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The New York Times: I Want My MTV

Moscow TV!


KEN SCHAFFER doesn’t like blind spots. Never has.

Mr. Schaffer received a Heathkit radio for his 10th birthday. Inspired by the signals from satellites chirping from space, he soon became a world-class ham-radio operator, adept at Morse code.


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Wired Magazine: Remote Controller

By Frank Rose

Greetings from the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Bling. Ken Schaffer is watching Russian TV in his New York apartment, and the ads keep coming. Maybelline Liquid Diamonds magenta lipstick! Tom Hanks in Hollywood’s latest! Then it’s back to the show, a crime dramedy starring Schaffer’s ex-wife, Alla Kliouka (known to HBO viewers as Tony Soprano’s one-legged mistress). But how is Schaffer getting Moscow television in Manhattan? Through TV2Me, his new remote receiving system.

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Sound & Vision Magazine: Local TV Anywhere

 By Ken Sander

Years ago, when I was the road manager for Kiss, I met inventor and visionary Ken Schaffer. At the time he had just perfected his invention, the Schaffer/Vega wireless microphone and guitar pickups, and was introducing the system to Kiss.

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PBS: Ken Schaffer’s TV2Me Will Change Television Forever

How Ken Schaffer’s TV2Me (or Something Like It, But Cheaper) Will Change Television Forever

By Robert X. Cringely

Ken Schaffer is an inventor and a lot more. In the late 1960s, he was a publicist for rock stars, managing the public image of Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, and even choosing Alice Cooper’s name.

TV2Me - Any TV, Any Time, Any Place

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