The Secret of Angus Young’s Guitar Sound

Guitar Player Magazine:  The Secret of Angus Young’s Tone?

Secrets of AC/DC’s Back In Black

Ken Schaffer’s Wireless Guitar was the secret behind the induplicable sound of Angus Young’s guitar on AC/DC’s milestone “Back in Black.”

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Guitar Player: Testing Ken Schaffer’s Wireless Guitar

“Guitar Player” was the first music magazine to test wireless guitar systems: Schaffer-Vega Guitar Player

WTFK: Kenny Schaffer Breaks Radio Silence!

I first met Kenny Schaffer in 1968, when he was the publicist for Alice Cooper and the Left Banke. My friend Allan Rinde had just joined the staff of Cashbox magazine and rented a room in Kenny’s “Funky” penthouse apartment, which adjoined the Plaza Hotel in New York.

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Guitar World: Between Rock and Outer Space

Ken Schaffer is the music biz’ GyroGearloose.
Whenever you see some guitar gonzo on stage
without an amp cord, you know he’s using one
of his remote gizmos.


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The SVDS in Wikipedia







Read the Wikipedia article about the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System here